Key signature witk parentheses.

• Jan 23, 2019 - 14:54

Hi, I want to do this.
Key signature with parenthesis.png

I tried it in the master palette, in key signature but it is impossible to add parentheses.

Does anyone know a solution?


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I've never seen this and it makes no sense. Is this only on one staff or repeated on several staves. Do the F's in the score have sharps on them?

As usual, Shoichi has the best idea.

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It is to write alboka's music.


The alboka is a traditional Basque instrument. It consists of two tubes inserted in two calf horns. One of the tubes plays: A, B, C, D, E, F # and the other A, B, C, D.

Due to his notes the works are predominantly in A minor, although always with F#. To facilitate the writing, put on the G major key signature and add the parenthesis to indicate to the musician that he is not playing in G.

Soichi's solution can help me, but it would be best if the parenthesis of the key signature in the master palette works because, yes, it appears in all the staves.


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Thank you for this very interesting information. I enjoy learning new information about music.

This is a rather obscure notation. As a matter of fact, it is not likely to be implemented any time soon, unless you or another Basque musician writes code to allow for this.

One nice thing about Soichi's solution is that if you create a staff text on the first note of the measure with ( ) then you can copy and paste it to the first note of other staves after the rest of the score formatting is done and it should take little adjustment to put it where it's needed.

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