Key signature changes

• Jul 24, 2014 - 19:31

I already had to DOWNGRADE my musescore as recommended to 1.2 because I use Mavericks and the latest release had some intractable bug with that and I've forgotten it.

So I'm entering away and I'm in, say E, and I want to modulate to F. So I open the key signature window and I click on the one with one flat. But it won't let me drag it to the bar over to the score. It displays this little circle with a slash through it. I've tried saving the document and closing it... I've tried closing out the app and restarting it. I've tried having the bar selected, or not selected. Nada. It won't let me enter the F key signature (or any other for that matter).

WTF? Is there some other way to change the keysignature? This is annoying!


It seems that it has some upper limit to the number of modulations. I had already modulated the key sig about 8 times in this particular piece. That's just how it goes. So the first 8 worked, then it just said, "Uh uh,,, full!"

As usual, it's difficult to help unless you post the score you are having trouble with and give us exact step by step instructions to reproduce the problem you are seeing.

But FYI, there is no hard coded limit on number of key changes for a piece.

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