Free MuseScore Files for 150+ Songs

• Jan 28, 2019 - 14:09

I have been arranging songs (with MuseScore) for our all accordion band. I am up to about 155 songs now. I would like to share them with the community, but I am not sure of "Copyright" laws. Attached is a list of the songs I have done so far. If someone can tell me if it is OK to share these with the community, I will provide a link to these files (in MuseScore and PDF format).
Nick Sorted List of Musescore Songs.pdf


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I believe I would have to "Upgrade" to be able to share all these files on I already have them uploaded and stored on our band's website.
So, are you saying that it would be the responsibility of the individual to deal with copyright issues if they wish to download and use one of the files?
If the answer to this is yes, then I would inform the MuseScore community of the website. If the answer is yes, what would be the best way to inform the community that these songs (in MuseScore and PDF format) exist on our website?
The other band members are not that computer savy nor do they know how to use MuseScore. Also, I am getting older. If possible, I would like to make these files available to the MuseScore community since I have put a lot of time and effort into these rearrangements. However, I do not wish to violate any laws!

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No, download is always legal, publishing (here: upload, to a publicly viewable website) is not.

Publishing on is soemwhat different though, as they do have agreements with a bunch of publishers in place, and a legal department to deal with the rest. You and your website most probably have not. So here the costs for a Pro account come with a real value ;-)

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