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• Sep 30, 2008 - 20:59

Definitely the biggest shortcoming in mscore as it stands for me is its poor support for copy and paste. I would very much like to be able to box-select a group of notes- part of a measure, full measure or more- then cut, copy or delete those notes. It seems you can select groups of notes already by SHIFT-left clicking and dragging a box over the desired notes but... thats it. Cut/ Copy / Delete have no effect of the selection. Whilst I'm talking about box select I'd like to see this function made available as the standard broken rectangle select icon in the main toolbar- just to the left of the 'N' maybe?

I've read that although you cannot copy and paste groups of notes you can copy measures but that currently works in a very non-obvious fashion and also it sounds like you can only currently copy one measure to adjacent measures which is very limiting.


I updated the documentation for copy and paste to make it more explicit (and hopefully clearer). You can copy multiple measures and paste anywhere in the score.

I agree that copy-paste of partial measures is needed.

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Hi David!

Thanks for the clarification!

There is currently no link to these Copy and Paste instructions on the webs Handbook index so we need to update that.

musescore's poor copy and paste is unfortunately what they call a showstopper for me. I simply cannot recommend it to anyone because cut, copy, paste and delete of multiple notes would be a fundamental part of the workflow. Having to copy full measures then delete individual notes in it to get just the bits you want is more work in many cases than just re-writing the segment you wanted to copy. I could not work efficiently under musescore until this is fixed.

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Tried shift-clicking to extend the measure selection in Muse Score (Linux/Ubuntu), and only the first measure is ever copied. The blue boundary box never changes size .. measures only turn blue (not noteheads). I figured out that you can shift+click+drag to create a bigger boundary box ... but Copy doesn't actually copy anything - at least paste never pastes what I "copy".

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