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• Jan 29, 2019 - 17:22

Hi, i'm trying to put the measure number below the systems instead of over them, like in example 1. Unfortunately, when I modify the offset of the measure number, the number still stays "anchored" to the top staff and just drags down the spacing (example 2). How could I achieve example 1? I have considered just creating text and moving it by hand but that just seems tedious. Thoughts?


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There is no automatic way to do what you want.

You may try, show the measure number on all staves. Right click a measure number, select Text Style and change the offset so the numbers are below the staves. Select the staves where you don't want to see the measure numbers. I would select the first measure in the first instrument, shift + click the staff above the contrabass then press ctrl+shift+end to select to the end of the score. Right click any measure number in this selection and choose Select>All similar elements in selection range. You can then press V and they will all be invisible. The invisible step needs to be done after all measures are entered, and if the measure numbers are on each system rather than an interval the pages need to be set because numbers will appear if you change a page break either automatically or manually.

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That could work.
I think it would be better to have an improved Format > Style > Measure Numbers menu where we can choose which staves have them, that way we can make scores where certain groups of staves, such as those bracketed together, have one staff with visible measure numbers. That way the reader wouldn't have to scan all the way to the top, or the bottom in this case.

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You are the asking for a dynamic dialog box. This isn't a deal breaker, but just much more complicated. It could be done in a way similar to measure properties, where staves are identified as

Staff 1
Staff 2
Staff 124

but this is quite obscure. Doing it with staff names is not an option because they can be more ambiguous if you have 3 staves called Trumpet and it gets even murkier when you have mid staff instrument changes. Which name do you call the staff then?

I believe my workaround is better than any dialog box you could imagine. The only thing that I would improve would be to allow for the measure numbers to be moved above or below the staff in the inspector (or pressing x) like almost all other text. This would prevent the need for turning off auto placement and using a large offset to move the numbers below the staff and possibly needing to move individual numbers to avoid hairpins or hairpin to avoid numbers.

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