Bug in version 3?: When playing a loop that ends on silence; skips a beat

• Jan 29, 2019 - 20:08

I was playing a loop today that ended on three beats, in 4/4, of silence in grand staff F key (and full measure silence in G key). The loop skipped the last beat until I added a note in the last beat instead of the silence. I´m using Version Revision 06a66a2. Does anyone else have this problem?


Looping Playback truncates last measure

Note this is about looping playback of an entire score, not about repeats marked in the score.

A score I made in MuseScore omits the last beat of the last measure when I use the circular "looping" icon just to the right of the play arrow. The blue loop-boundary flags are placed correctly, but not followed.

This happens all the time, with some of my scores. Others are fine. I have tried various edits and re-writes, but so far nothing worked. (I may have written the last measure originally short a beat, but if so, changing that did not fix the problem.)

The only fix I have found is to mark the final measure as having an extra beat.

I attach two examples:
Concone Exercise 14 has the problem,
Concone Exercise 6 shows this (awkward) fix,
Concone Exercise 11 doesn't have the problem.

I have MuseScore Version, Revision 20414b2.
My iMac runs Mojave, mac OS version 10.14.6

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Good for you Marc.

OK, all questions and wonderings put to rest.

I have found a work-around that seems useful. I put a note in an unused voice in the final measure, that covers the whole measure (say a whole note in 4/4 time). I then open Inspector and set the velocity all the way down as far as it will go, silencing the note. (I first tried unchecking play, but then loop ignored it.) I then uncheck visible. Sample attached.

My thanks to all.

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