Placement of crescendo / decrescendo "hairpins" in MuseScore 3

• Feb 2, 2019 - 01:05

In MuseScore 2, the automatic placement of the hairpins is below the stave, but one could manually move them to above the stave (as is common in vocal scores, to avoid interfering with the text). MuseScore 3 places the hairpins below the stave, and I cannot work out how to move them.

I asked the same question a week ago in relation to dynamic markings (pp etc). Jojo-Schmitz very kindly and rapidly posted the fix to that - selecting the marking and pressing X, which flips it to above the stave. I have tried this trick with the hairpins, but it simply reverses the direction (turns a crescendo to a diminuendo, and vice versa) - which is itself very handy to know, but doesn't solve the placement problem.

A fix for placing hairpins above the stave would be greatly appreciated - thank you!


So, for most elements, "X" flips from below to above or vice versa, but hairpins, it changes crecendo to diminuendo or vice versa. Nice feature, but I think this should be Shift+X, like for flipping a notehead to the opposite side of the stem. This has come up before, but I don't see an issue. If someone can find me the issue, or create a new one, I'll submit a PR...

EDIT: never mind, I found it - #279178: Selecting dynamic change a pressing x does not move item. PR will follow...

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