"default velocity"

• Feb 2, 2019 - 20:06

I don't know if I can express my issue in english well enough so that you understand what I mean, but I'll try it anyway.
Im writing on a quiet piece for piano, therefore I set the the dynamics to "P".
When I playback the music the velocy is about 49 (on the scale from 1 to 128) because of the "p".
Everytime I mark a note for editing purposes it sounds pretty loud: must be around 84.
I call this here the "default velocity", and with that I mean the velocity that you hear when you write a note with the mouse or when you mark a note.
Finally my question is: Can this "default velocity" be changed somewhere.
Or does anybody know of a workaround so that I can stay in the "quiet mode" when writing the piece.
All the best


You'll see (and you can change) the velocity inside the inspector - for both: for dynamics and for a single or a range of notes. But AFAIK there are no further settings to adjust the defaults.

When you enter a note, it always sounds at mf, which is pretty close to 84. You have two options, turn your volume down while entering notes (I often adjust mine for entering notes) or turn off the sound when you enter notes (I don't like that option).

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