Checking for update through "Help" results in an error.

• Feb 3, 2019 - 16:16


I am connected, everything else is working.


I get this all the time. I am on the latest update of Windows 10. I only use the built in Windows antivirus and security features. I am running an Intel stick PC. I think the problem is due to the short delay before the stick PC connects to the internet via a USB LAN adaptor and then via a Homeplug broadband connection (which once established is very fast!).

I have bypassed the problem by simply downloading the latest build directly from the Musescore web-site so that I pick up the latest build. But it is a bit frustrating since version Musescore version 2 never had this problem running on the same Intel stick PC.

I post this purely to help anyone else who has experienced this.


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