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• Feb 6, 2019 - 03:57
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S3 - Major

Myfarnwy and Myfarnwy 2 should be identical files as one was copied from the other in order to make edits on one version. In playing Myfarnwy 2, the bass line will not play but will on the other.

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Not sure exactly how you did for the copy, but you made a mistake. By isolating the Bass (i. e. by deleting the first three staves), we realize that you have enabled at some point and in "Mute Voice" the voices 1,2,3,4 (squares in color), picture below.


This is a misunderstanding on your part. Voices (color) can concern a staff, but only in a multivoice context, as some polyphonic instruments, piano, guitar etc. can do. That is, strictly, four voices in a single staff.

It's quite different here. You must always use voice1 (blue) for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass as well. So you absolutely don't have to use these "Mute Voice" buttons, it's a misunderstanding.

This is feasible, for example, for a SATB Closed Score (with voices 1 and 2 for Soprano/Alto in the same and single staff, and ditto for Tenor/Bass): here, this feature may be useful. But again, certainly not here.

See your "repaired" score: 2Myfanwy.mscz

For the next few times, please first open a post on the forum support for pre-checking.

Thank you for your reply. The method I used for generating this score (I think you would describe this as a project) was to start with blank SATB staves. I then entered the bass notes. As the note pattern is the same for all parts, I then copy the notes to the next part, change the cleff where necessary and then adjust the pitch of each note. After each part is complete I listen to that part with the other parts muted by the Mixer. It was only after I completed the SOP stave that I found that the bass part would not play, although all other parts would. After a lot of fiddling, deleting parts and then copying again, the bass part could be played. I could not explain exactly what I did.

Your reply seems to assume that I was using multiple voices on a single stave, but I never use this facility as it appears impossible to separate the voices with the Mixer. So it is still unclear what I did wrong this time as the same procedure has been used previously without a problem.

I would add that Musescore is a wonderful program and all credit goes to those who produced and maintain it. The only criticism I have is that the manual is difficult to use and does not cover some features adequately. Is there a revised manual for Musescore 3.