Can't place horizontal frame at end of line

• Feb 7, 2019 - 04:40

I have checked related forums and the handbook but have not found a solution to this specific situation. I am putting together a method book (compilation of lots of small pieces) and will add some graphics. I have, in this case, a couple bars of music ending a piece. The next thing on the score is a text frame for the title of the next piece. I want to put a horizontal frame at the end of the line of music that comes before the text frame. I have tried messing around with line breaks, section breaks, eliminating section breaks... everything I try either places the frame between the two measures, before the first measure of the NEXT piece or on a line all by itself after the title. I'm stumped! I could delete the text and then redo it but that seems pretty cumbersome. Thanks for any ideas!!

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That inserts it in front of the selected measure, but doesn't append if after that selected measure. If I understand the problem correctly...

In MuseScore 3(.5.0) you can insert a horizontal frame before vertical/horizontal/text frames, in MuseScore 2(.3.2) as used be the OP you can't. Well you can, but then need to apply a system break to the frame too. Seems to be a bug, but one that won't get fixed anymore, as MuseScore 3 doesn't have that bug...

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Maybe I'm missing something, but it should be as simple as clickiing the "text text text" frame and using Add / Frames / Insert Horizontal Frame (or clicking the horizontal frame icon on the palette). This works perfectly for me.

I'm going to +1 @Stefni's issue.

Thanks, @Shoichi, for the workaround.

And I agree with @rainerschnelle that this is a tedious, lousy workaround. It's even more work that the stated workaround if you have system breaks, barlines, etc, that will all have to be fixed by following those steps. The need for inserting before vs. after is apparent because the feature is already available for measures. There's no reason the superclass that includes spacers shouldn't also support "insert before".

Did anyone ever add this as a feature request?

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Maybe I'm still missing something, but the solution for the original case is actually very simple: select the first measure or frame after the system, insert horizontal frame. That either does the job completely, or at most you need to delete a break at the end of the previous system then reapply it to the frame. No copy and paste needed, no issues with barlines, no real complications at all.

If your case is different and for whatever not as simple as that, please attach your score and describe what you are trying to do in more detail so we can understand and assist better.

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"select the first measure or frame after the system, insert horizontal frame"

I no longer have quite the scenario I had before to test on. But I tried this on something similar and it seems fine. I feel like I tried it before, and there may have been other symbols that were going to have to be moved by hand. But maybe I'm wrong. This worked pretty well, though, so I'll try to remember it going forward!


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