Cannot add Coda, Segno, D.S. from pallette in Version 3

• Feb 8, 2019 - 00:47

When attempting to add Coda symbol, Segno symbol, or D.S. text, it doesn't work.

Trying to drag symbol(s) result in a slashed red circle (as in No, you can't do that).


You are doing it wrong. The sure way to add these is to select the measure and double click the item, though dragging does work once you figure out where the sweet spot for the drop is. The measure will turn red and it's lower than what you expect. The sweet spot is when you move the do not drop cursor into the measure, not the item.

Someone was working on the problem a couple of day ago, but the new code has not yet been accepted. Hopefully Anatoly will merge it before the next release.

Thank you for your advice, I was used to anchoring outside staff items to a note and dragging the item into position. Didn't realize that Coda, was tied to the measure and automatically placed.

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