fine stepping for chord symbols entry (move with space bar) by rhythm base steps

• Feb 8, 2019 - 08:06

When adding chord symbols to an existing score, tab key moves to the next measure while the space bar moves to the next note's position (depending on the stave below). This can be very fine-stepping when there are a lot of 16th in the top voice of a piano stave.
I propose to change the behavior for the 2nd by moving to the next rhythm base (means quarter note positions for 4/4) instead, because normally chord changes within a measure only change at these positions. Fine positioning can then either be done by another modifier key (e.g. Alt-Shift) or by placing a chord symbol directly to the note (Ctrl-K).
I assume that this behavior is more convenient for most cases.


According the style of the music you play, it's OK or not. I often work on swing music, and I'm rhythmique guitarist, and chords are often, not on the time but on the 2nd half of it. Sorry for my English !!

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