Playback question - Repeated measures not repeated the second time through a repeated section

• Feb 11, 2019 - 04:12

I'm using Musescore 3.
I have a section that overall is played twice, returning to the start of the section via a D.S.
At the end of the the section, the last two measures are to be played 3 times, indicated via the Play Count.
The first time through the section, the last two measures are correctly played 3 times.
But the the second time through, the last two measures are only played once.
Why is the Play Count ignored the second time through?
Is there a way to get the last two measures to play 3 times, both times through the section?

Score attached.


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Thanks for the tip on "Play Repeats" in the D.S. al Fine element. I checked the box (made it active) and now some odd things are happening. The first time after turning on , the Verse section - bars 6 through 9 - repeated, but some odd jumps occurred. Now, consistently, the score plays correctly up to the D.S al Fine, then jumps back to the Segno, as expected. Verse plays once through, then skips the repeat and goes to bar 10 (chorus), plays bars 10 and 11, then jumps to bar 16, skipping endings 1 and 2 of the Chorus, and plays correctly from bar 16 onward.

iMac OS X 10.14
Musescore Version, Revision 58dd23d

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Ah - I think I see.
D.S. al Coda - Jump to segno, play until coda, continue at codab, play repeats.
And edited text of "D.S al Coda" to "D.S. with repeats then ", with coda at measure 15 and codab at measure 16.

All is becoming clear in the fullness of time.

Many thanks.

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