3.0.5315 musixcml export, wrong direction-types

• Feb 11, 2019 - 08:15


I'm a developer, using ms to write score samples to export in musicxcml format and then reparse in a music notation engine I'm creating.
I've noticed that some items are not exported correctly in musicxml, these are behaviors:
- in general, you need to save work, reopen ms and then export since often first attempt will produce non congruent results
- lines are not exported correctly: if you set a "dashes" element like cresc. -------------- you obtain wedge type="decrescendo" which is totally different
- combined direction type such mf + wedge won't be exported, I expect something like two direction-types: dynamics + wegde

If I'll notice something else I'll add here.

Please check, thanx in advance



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