pdf import doesn't work!!

• Feb 11, 2019 - 12:54

When I try to import a pdf, MuseScore2x and 3x opens with an empty screen. No score.
I have had great success on several other scores. But, not since 3.0 came out. What's the deal?


I get always the next message:

No se puede leer el archivo C:\Users\User\Documents\Documents\CORO\COR ORBA\9193e50c73c8fd9209c51d2ceefe71ffc13d7d5a.mscz: Esta partitura fue guardada utilizando una versión mas reciente de MuseScore.

Visite el sitio web de MuseScore para obtener la versión mas reciente.

I have now the Musescore 3.0 version, but it doesn't work... and I'm paying for that function with my pro subscription...

Can you help me, please? If I must write every note down, maybe I must change to another program to work...

Thank you

Asun Tarrasó

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No, you're not paying for anything in the MuseScore program, you are paying for a pro account on musescore.com...

Google translated on that error message:
Unable to read file C: \ Users \ User \ Documents \ Documents \ CORO \ COR ORBA \ 9193e50c73c8fd9209c51d2ceefe71ffc13d7d5a.mscz: This score was saved using a newer version of MuseScore.

So you're trying to open a MuseScore 3 score with MuseScore 2, that ain't gonna work

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If the 9193....mscz file is only a few hundred bytes, the conversion failed.

If not, attach the
file to your post (and maybe rename it something better) so we can see if it opens for us.

If you attach the original .pdf, perhaps there is something that can be done to the .pdf to help ease Audiveris' task of transcription.

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You are welcome to use a third-party tool to attempt to convert your PDF to MusicXML and import that into MuseScore, no need to use a different notation program as well. As mentioned, your Pro subscription ahs nothing to do with PDF import, but you may find spending an equivalent mount of money on a third paarty PDF to MusicXML converter is worth your while. Personally, I find the results almost uniformly disappointing and that entering the music directly into MuseScore is far faster and more accurate.

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