temporary deletion of voice part

• Feb 12, 2019 - 08:50


I'm writing out a 3 part choral piece. The setting is for 5 staves - 3 for the voices plus the 2 for piano.
The piece begins with a solo voice so, for 15 bars I don't need to have the other 2 parts written out.
To save space, I'd like to remove the other two parts ONLY until they enter as a full part of the score.

I've tried most things but have only ended up with the full score disappearing for the first 15 bars.

Any help?

Thank you in advance.


There's no question that this works well.... BUT..... every time have used it, when I want the new part to enter, it's always hidden so I can't put notes in it. I wish I could say somehow, "please expose Kugelhorn I in THIS SYSTEM just for a little while", like "put some rests in this measure Kugelhorn I for now" (and then by placing and adding notes with the keyboard it will take care of itself).

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