Zoom in in continuous mode enlarges clefs and info.

• Feb 12, 2019 - 16:59

I want to delete a marking in 3 that I inserted in 2.x. It has moved inappropriately almost hidden by the note and is therefore unselectable.

It is in the first bar.

When I zoom in the info re: the staves (clef, key sig., etc) grows so large it moves the note too far to the right.

I see no reason for that info to be magnified.


The blue minus sign tells you that the measure is shorter than the time signature. A plus sign tells you it's longer than the time signature. I think this is a neat feature.

And to be clear, you can't delete that symbol, it's there for your on-screen information only, but you can turn off the display of symbols like this by toggling View / Mark Irregular Measures.

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