Deleting empty measures in a score

• Feb 18, 2019 - 08:30

This weekend I was trying to implement the automatic deletion of an empty measure creating a new plugin. I am able to select each one of the measures in a score but I'm not able to find the function to know if it's empty and for sure I was not able to delete one measure. Is possible to do that?

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Thank you very much in advance.


The function checks the presence of notes in the measure. It works only with the first track. as an example ...

  function measureIsEmpty(measure) {
        var segment = measure.firstSegment;
        while (segment) {
              var element = segment.elementAt(0);
              if (element && element._name() === 'Chord') {
                    return false;
              segment = segment.nextInMeasure;
        return true;

I was thinking about trying to automate something similar just last night. However, instead of just removing a single measure, I wanted to automatically strip off all empty measures the ends of scores (e.g. for use when doing batch exports of all the scores in a directory, so that I can more easily keep track of which file is which, etc. using some dedicated asset/content manager)

I'm currently stuck trying to figure out if there is any way to use the API to remove measures. There are methods to append/add things to scores or modify existing elements, but hardly ever anything to remove stuff that already exists in the score.

It's increasingly looking like I may have to either hack this into the C++ code myself (once I get the CMake generation to work on Windows) or by putting together an external tool to fiddle with the MuseScore files directly.

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Ah, so upon further investigation, it turns out that the "remove empty trailing measures" functionality is built into the new 3.x series, but isn't in 2.x (which I'm currently using, hence why I was trying to write a plugin to do so :)

Now, in response to my own question above:
* Simply calling cmd("command-name") should trigger the command, as if you'd executed it from the UI (e.g. I confirmed using cmd("pitch-up") to replicate the up-arrow behaviour on a selected note).
* Available commands can be found in libmscore/cmd.cpp - Score::cmd()

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Hi again,

With the "measureIsEmpty" function provided by bazhenoff I have implemented this plugin. The function detects the empty measures but I cannot find the cmd order to delete them. In the meantime I tried to insert a note in the empty measures but I think I'm doing something wrong.

Please, find the the code below. Thank you for your help.

for (var track = 0; track < 1; ++track) {

             var segment = curScore.firstSegment();
             var mea = curScore.firstMeasure;
             var aux_mea;                  
             var nmea = curScore.nmeasures;
             var cont = 1;
             while (cont &lt;= nmea)
                    if (mea &amp;&amp; measureIsEmpty(mea))
                          aux_mea = mea;
                          console.log('===== Measure ' + cont + aux_mea + ' ====='); 
                          mea = mea.nextMeasure;            
                          mea = mea.nextMeasure;


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Add note...

  function getCursor(segment){
        var cursor = curScore.newCursor();
              if(cursor.segment === segment){
                    return cursor;
        return cursor;

  function addNote(segment){
        var cursor = getCursor(segment);
        cursor.setDuration(1, 4);


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