Sounds not part not of the general midi standard

• Feb 19, 2019 - 01:07

I am trying to define a bowed vibraphone as an articulation of the vibraphone in instrument.xml, but since Musescore relies on the general midi standard, I'm not sure what to put under . As a more general question, is there a way to create in Musescore an instrument or instrument articulation that is not defined in the general midi standard given that I have an appropriate sound font? Could I, for example, create a 129th program and assign my sound font to that so that for any new score I create, I can choose that instrument and always have that sound font be the one that's used?


You can add the soundfont to the synthesizer and move it to the bottom of the list to prevent other instruments from sounding like it. You can then add your bowed vibraphone and assign it that sound in the mixer.

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This is basically what I do now, but I was asking a more general solution that would have the sound font be assigned to that instrument for every new score without fiddling around with the mixer.
Edit: A more ideal solution would also allow me to use an instrument/articulation change and produce a new sound.

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