Problem loading soundfont

• Feb 19, 2019 - 21:56

I'm old and unwired and can't get any soundfont to load -- read all instructions several times and been trying for hours. I've probably clicked too many buttons in the Synthesizer box (see encl.) to no avail and can't see how Mixer figures in -- but I'm attaching the drop-down instrument list in case it's relevant.

I've had trouble finding a Forum entry that will magically tell me what I'm missing. Can some kind soul help an old geezer find it? Many thanks!!


You have 3 soundfonts loaded into you system. The sounds for timber of heaven are listed then the sounds for Sonatina then the sounds for MuseScore general. As you look at the list, you will see Grand Piano followed by a bunch of sounds, then Grand piano again followed by a bunch of sounds and then Grand piano again followed by a bunch of sounds. Grand Piano is the first sound in each font you have loaded.

I don't have either Sontaina or Timbers of Heaven loaded on my system so I'm not sure which sound font has Don's instruments in it.

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What you set as default is the list of soundfonts in the synthsizer. I don't think I was clear. In the mixer each instrument can be set to a sound that is loaded in the synthesizer. You have three soundfonts loaded, so you can make sure you have the sounds from the correct sound font assigned to each instrument.

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Truly, I have trouble even understanding the terms. I figure you were saying to assign an instrument from the top "Name" box in Mixer to the correct sound file in the "Patch" box? How do I know whether the sound file, say "Don's Oboe," comes from "Timbres" or MuseScore General?

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