Mid-staff instrument change and sfz soundfonds

• Feb 21, 2019 - 21:25

Hi All,

is it possible with Musescore 3.0 to change the instrument within a staff and use a sfz (or more in general, non default) soundfond for it?


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Thanks, however, it seems the new instrument is not added in the mixer.
Conversely if it's added (I may miss something on that), I would be curious to see in the case I toggle two instruments (i.e. flute / piccolo), whether the mixer keeps adding new instruments to the mixer at each change.

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In version 3, when you change instruments, the arrow at the top left corner of the instrument box (where the M and S buttons are) turns a little darker. If you click this arrow, you will see all of the instruments on the staff.

This also happens with instruments that are defined to have more than one channel like a violin and trumpet. I use the fact that I can assign any sound I want to an instrument channel to my advantage often. For example, I can have a solo violin sound assigned to the tremolo channel that I never use for tremolo and don't have to add a new staff for a short solo passage.

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Thank you. I see them now.
Everytime I change an instrument a new entry is added and clearly I can pick up whatever instrument.
In a case when 2 instruments are switched several times in the score (i.e. Piccolo vs Flute) I'm just wondering whether this could be optimized in order to avoid duplicates in the mixer.

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There have been discussions of this, but it seems it will not happen. That is part of the reason the arrow was added, so it would be easier to tell which instruments are on which staff. There are probably good reasons not to optimize the list, though I can't think of one off the top of my head.

Edit: I did see a good reason earlier today for not optimizing the mixer. It is hoped that in the future you will be able to use Change instruments in conjunction with Change Staff type so you can customize an instrument, like a guitar. Currently, the initial instrument can have its definition adjusted. On the guitar, retuning some of the strings is common. Once you change instruments, you are stuck with a definition from the instruments.xml file (which is the source of the instruments list), so changing guitars in mid song is currently impossible on one staff unless you are changing to a guitar defined in the instruments list. The hope is that you will be able to customize the strings on the guitar you are changing to. There are other similar reasons for wanting to customize an instrument after a change, but this might be the most common.

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I got your point. However a good compromise would be to let the composer have the choice of introducing in the mixer a brand-new instrument or reusing an existing one like in the typical case of switching two similar instruments....or maybe a dirty workaround would be possible by manually editing a file?

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I would be happy to reuse an existing instrument also, but someone would have to program it. It's been this way as long as I've use MuseScore and I don't know how other programs handle this since MuseScore is the only notation program I've used. I do know the the current behavior is far better than another instrument being added to the list with no collapsing staves as is currently done.

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