Exporting into Word etc

• Feb 22, 2019 - 00:14

Hello, I would really like to add text (full paragraphs) between the twelve songs I have written using MuseScore. Effectively I'm writing a musical, with dialogue and drama between each song. I wonder if the easiest way is to export the score into Word, so I can use Word for the text/drama. I know I can export to PDF, but then I can't edit, because of the nature of PDF documents. Could anyone help?
Thank you.


Following on from this, I wonder if the easiest way is to add a block go text (via appending a text box) at the end of each piece of music, and then just save the whole thing as a pdf??

Use a text frame. But don't expect any fancy formatting, MuseScore is now a word processor nor a desktop publishing program, if you need that, split the score, generate separate PDFs, generate PDFs for the texts and then glue them together with e.g. PDFSaM.

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