Musescore 3 is not ready for public use.

• Feb 22, 2019 - 03:16

I said what I said.


You are not the only one who thinks that MuseScore 3 was released prematurely. I've seen several posts from people who think the developers set the ambition too high. In achieving smart layout (which is a great feature, it must be said), many bugs were introduced, and not all of them were fixed for release. Of course, bugs getting through for release is nothing new in software development, but considering the developers wanted MuseScore 3 to be "the most stable version yet"...yeah, I think the ambition was set too high. Two bug-fix releases have been put out since, but this post was written today, so...

That being said, an explanation as to why you personally think MuseScore 3 is not ready for public use would be of most help to the developers.

You're complaint is way to brief to be useful. This isn't constructive criticism at all, not helping anybody.

One mantra in the open source world is "release early, release often", MuseScore didn't follow that with MuseScore 1 and 2, but does now with MuseScore 3.

Please name specific issues you're having, and we'll see whether these a real bugs, (and even know ones, being worked at already, or even fixed already for the next release, due in the next couple days), or just missunderstandings on how it is supposed to work.

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