The wrong change about tie and spacing of MS3

• Feb 22, 2019 - 07:06

I think the change of tie and spacing in MuseScore3 is wrong. MuseScore2 is better than MS3 about this. I think there is no need to expand gaps when the tie connects with single note. I think MuseScore should expand gaps only in the case the ties connect from chords to chords. MuseScore should achieve "Better Placement" in this picture.

Tie Placement.png

Some changes in MS3 from MS2 are BAD...


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Thanks reply. But I don't ask how to do. I don't need any tips because I know how to fix in MS3. I just want to say the default setting of MS3 is wrong.
I don't talk that Tie Length is wrong, I talk about tie expanding space between notes.

I know Reducing Leading space of Segment in Inspector Completely solves this problem without changing tie length. And Changing tie length can't solves completely. Do not give me any tips.

MuseScore 2 had a lot of very complicated special casing to enforce the minimum tie length in lots of different situations - single notes, chord, stems up versus down, etc. While sometimes a little unnecessary space was added, we did do a good job overall - but the code was extremely awkward and hard to maintain. In MuseScore 3, we do indeed use a simpler approach. The default 1sp works well in many cases but not in your particular example, so I do agree reducing it makes sense. And I agree the algorithm can stand some improvement. Feel free to submit an official suggestion for this in the issue tracker.

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