Musescore 3 - Clear Type?

• Feb 24, 2019 - 08:13

Hi, I noted that has changed something about system fonts respect MS2, a sort of setting of Windows Clear Type (see the picture); is this a settable parameter? I found MS2 better than MS3 about this aspect

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Go to C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin
Edit qt.conf with notepad
remove this part:


WindowsArguments = fontengine=freetype

And your cleartype fonts will be back as in MuseScore2

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Hmm....glad I found this post. Just loaded one of my old scores (44 pages full score for brass band) and discovered the font I used was no longer showing. I wanted to see the effect of 3.6.2 in action on this big score.
The score was made in 3.3.2, so not sure when the font engine change was introduced.....but at least comment out the line in the qt.conf fixes the issue on my system (and yes the font was/is installed for All Users).
Odd behaviour of MS and QT working in a "together but separate" world.

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