Mouse wheel won't scroll score in page mode

• Feb 28, 2019 - 05:53

Version: in Windows 10.

Mouse wheel fails to scroll score (vertically) in page mode.

Intermittent. Works for a while, then fails (as if some buffer has overflowed). Restarting MuseScore gets it working, only to stop again almost immediately.


What computer? FWIW I have never seen this with MuseScore in any version on any computer, but I see it periodically with Chrome on my Surface Pro 6. I don't even need to restart it to get it to work again, though - just minimizing the window and then restoring it works as well.

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New Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 with Microsoft Bluetooth mouse. It's the same today after updating to -- works briefly, then stops.

More obs:
1. Yes minimise / maximise window will restore mouse operation, repeatably. Doing multiple pagedown / pageup operations in MuseScore is enough to stop the mouse working. That appears to require at least three; sometimes more.
2. Just selecting a single bar will often restore operation. Then selecting a different bar will stop it again.
3. Similar behavior is not observed in any other applications on this machine.

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Ok, resolved, sort of: The problem vanishes if I change the system compatibility 'High DPI scaling' setting from 'System (Enhanced)' to 'Application', or if I turn it off altogether.

But then issue: Without system scaling intervention MuseScore3 is nearly unusable on a small screen -- for example some Format|Style menus wrap right off the screen, and they are not designed to scroll. Menu buttons are oversized; consume too much screen real estate.

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That's with the recommended Windows 10 screen scaling for this machine, which is 150%. MuseScore3 becomes usable at 125% system-wide screen scaling ... but that's rather small for my eyes. Seems MuseScore3 isn't responding correctly to Windows 10 screen scaling. Perhaps it fails to notice; thinks screen is actually unscaled?

Yes I've tried '-D'. Doesn't work, or I'm not implementing it correctly. Is there a clear 'how-to' somewhere?

(BTW, MuseScore2 works fine here regardless of the system screen scaling.)

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The mouse wheel working or not is not affected by scaling. I've adjusted my scaling, which I normally keep at 150%, and it has't affected the mouse. Perhaps your mouse is needing either batteries or replacement. If you have another one I suggest you try it.

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