volta settings do not function according to institution

• Mar 1, 2019 - 18:38

Volta settings do not function according to institution.
I add an image of the settings and the score in which I applied them.
But it is only repeated once. The measures under volta [5.] can not be played ???
Are my settings wrong?

Thanks for any support. Martin


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In volta one, above/before the repeat barline I set [] in the text box and in de repeat list I placed 1,2,3,4.
In de 2nd volta, after de repeat barline I placed [5.] in the text box and in de repeatlis(box) I placed 5, but the result is that only once the music is repeated and stop before volta [] and the measures after the repeat barline will not be play'd.

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This was the solution! Thanks for the clear explanation :-)

As Jojo Schimitz says: "set the play count to 5."
Right click an blank area on Measure 27, (measure with the end-repeat barline.)
Select "Measure Properties", (at end on the list)
Set the "Play Count" to 5, (bottom right side)
Click: "OK" button,

Thank you very much.

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