LilyPond to XML to MuseScore

• Mar 1, 2019 - 22:58

How can I export XML from LilyPond, in order to open the XML in MuseScore?


That question should better be asked on the Lilypond mailing list. AFAIK there is no direct MusicXML export in Lilypond. You can try is to use Frescobaldi (a Lilypond GUI) which provides such an export (last time iI looked it was experimental). If you don't want to use the GUI you can also install the python Lilipond library wich is developed as part of Frescobaldi ( and use the command line (or write your own custom exporter).

The thread is a bit antique, but for those who are interested, here is the magic word:
Lilypond/Frescobaldi’s musicxml export is rather experimental, but creating midi files has always been implemented and these can be imported into MuseScore just fine.

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The gold standard is of no help if the MusicXML export in LilyPond does not work yet 😋
That MuicXML is the best way is clear, and my statement should not claim the opposite (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned "magic").
Most of the time Midi is the much easier way than e.g. OMR.
If someone is looking for a temporary or workaround solution, this is definitely one.

P.S. by the way it was a pity that MuseScore's LilyPond export was dropped, because even that was better than Lilypond's MusicXML export. Still have MS 1.3 installed in addition.

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