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The mixer does not appear when selected from the menu since installing the updated version of musescore. Is this a bug?


It is occasionally possible to get into this situation although it seems to be exceedingly rare. One solution is just restart MuseScore. Or if that doens't work, Help / Revert to factory Settings.

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Hi, I have the problem with the disappearing Mixer too (Win 10, 64-bits). I repaired MuseScore 3 in the Windows Control Panel and restarted but it didn't help. I just did a factory reset and now when I open MuseScore 3 the splash screen comes up, the new score screen is shown briefly and then the program closes. If I do it again, I am asked if I want to restore the session that shut down improperly. If I choose Yes or No, it doesn't matter - the program shuts down immediately after opening.

I think I may have lost the Mixer by doing the following: I opened a SATB score, muted 3 of the 4 voices, started playback and let it run for a few measures, then exported the single voice to mp3. (I'm making practice files for my choir.) I did this for all 4 voices, leaving the mixer open. When I next opened MuseScore 3, the mixer refused to show up. Hope this helps.

I am now going to try a complete uninstall with cache cleaning to see if that helps.

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The factory reset probably fixed the Mixer issue - it was most likely simply appearing offscreen, like it accidentally got dragged too far. Not sure what the "repair" did, but probably it actually is why you are getting the crash on startup now. So indeed, uninstall and reinstall is probably the answer here. If not, please start a new thread and include as many system details as you can.

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Hello Marc,
Uninstalling, cleaning with CCleaner (incl. the Registry) and reinstalling fixed the crash but did not solve the Mixer issue. The Mixer came up the first time I opened MuseScore3, but wouldn't appear after that. I can assure you that I did not drag the Mixer, accidently or purposely, anywhere. I was being particularly careful in order to describe what was going on. So, if it moved off-screen (which I doubt is what is happening here), some other agent was at work. (I did zoom out to see if I could find it, but no luck. You shouldn't be able to move a panel totally off-screen anyway unless you've got a way to get it back.) Should I still start a new thread about the Mixer or can I continue here?

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Yes, thank you, the factory reset seems to have worked now. But I find it strange that it was needed after a complete uninstall/reinstall exercise. You'd think that would start in a clean state. Thanks for your help.

In case they might help others, here are a few observations I made while dealing with the problem:
• I still had MuseScore 2 on my system until the uninstall/reinstall action, at which point I first removed version 2 and then version 3.
• I noticed that I had both the latest version of MuseScore 3 and the previous one on my system. I update automatically when I see the notice, so this surprised me as I thought the previous version would always be removed. I uninstalled both and then reinstalled the latest.
• Before reinstalling, I secured all my scores and then removed all the standard Musescore folders; then I cleaned with CCleaner (including the registry). I did not do a manual sweep of the registry.
• After reinstalling and opening existing scores, I was surprised to see how many presets (including Mixer settings) were as I left them. These are apparently stored in the scores themselves.

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Uninstall never touches any of "your" files - that includes your scores as well as your settings.

Having MuseScore 2 & 3 installed together is supported and in fact recommended for anyone who has a significant amount of work created in the older version, as the major improvements in layout in MsueScore 3 do mean that some MuseScore 2 scores with lots of manual adjustments may look different.

Mixer settings are indeed per score, after all, different scores might be using entirely different sets of instruments.

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Good afternoon! Just fired up MS3, loaded a score (made in version 2) and ... no mixer. I have no idea what is causing this. When I shut down last night, all was peachy. Factory reset works, but having to set the basics all over and losing my custom workspace is getting tiresome. Do you know if the startup is recorded in a log file somewhere? Thanks.

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