How to edit instrument names in Mid-score for Musescore 3

• Mar 12, 2019 - 04:52

I need to change instrument to make a certain sound, but after the change of instrument, the staff name changes. I would want to display the name of the previous instrument in front of the staff. But it displays the new instrument. Is there any way to edit just the name of the second instrument in the staff?

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If you aren't literally changing instruments and therefore don't want to see the staff name change, then don't use the Change Instrument command - just use View / Mixer to change the sound. That is, insert the Instrument text, but don't right-click it, just go directly to the Mixer.

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Exactly as I said. Add the Instrument text, which automatically adds a new channel. Then go to the Mixer and change the sound for that channel only. To access the individual channels for the various instrument changes you insert, click the arrow at the top of the main strip for the instrument. This expands it to display the individual channels.

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I have been trying this workaround but I've run into a roadblock... when switching instruments that change transposition, I can't find any way for the transposition to work correctly.

Is there any way to have "Change Instrument" text that sounds like the instrument I want, using the transposition I want, that doesn't force the instrument name to appear at the beginning of each line?

For reference, I am arranging a piece for me and a friend, and I'm going to be switching around on various instruments. I want my friend, who plays piano, to be able to see my part, but the part name at the beginning of each line is unnecessary for him, and it takes up extra space.

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It's easy if you just don't want the name to appear... harder if you want the name to stay consistent through various instrument changes. If you just don't want to see the names, right-click on the staff in question, and select Staff/Part Properties. Then you can change/delete the instrument names as you wish.

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Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work like that after instrument changes. Hiding a part name using Staff/Part Properties only seems to apply before instrument changes. Afterwards, the part name is dictated by the instrument change, with (AFAIK) no way to edit or hide it.

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Not sure what you mean about "hiding" the name, simply edit it. The short name in particular, long is used only on the first system of a section. So: add the instrument change text, right-click a measure after that point, Staff Properties, use Change Instrument to change the instrument (or do this the old way, by right-clicking the text), then if desired also change the long and/or short names. You do need to be on the current version of MuseScore (3.2.3) otherwise changes made in Staff Properties affect the whole staff. But as of 3.2.3, the changes made to the Instrument section affect the instrument change itself - so, from that point forward only (until the next instrument change).

If you continue to have problems, feel free to attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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