Midi entry from Motif XS into Musescore

• Mar 12, 2019 - 20:53

My motif is recognized through USB on a Debian Stretch installation.

However when i go to preferences => I/O there is not even mention as an option for midi devices. I have only jack and pulseaudio.
I am using Musescore 2.1.0 and also 3.0.1
On both versions I cannot see any section for midi devices.
There is a portaudio section in i/o in version 3 but not version 2.
However the portaudio has no selectable dropdowns and is seemingly deactivated, whatever it is.

The youtube videos I saw for midi note entry for version 2, clearly shows that you can select your keyboard as midi device.
That functionality doesnt exist in the versions I have seemingly, or it is not a static config display that drops entries for devices not present, so maybe it removes configuration if it cannot find a midi device.

Anyone got musescore to get note entry through midi with musescore on Linux ?


To Add I confirmed with a virtual keyboard app on Linux that the Motif Midi ports are found.
It could both select Motif Input Chanels 1-4 and output chanels 1-4.
Somehow Musescore fails to even find the Motif Midi while other software on the same machine finds it easily.

Are you using the AppImage or the packaged version? (The AppImage is known to not work with some audio I/O devices.)

When you change the input type (between ALSA, PortAudio, JACK or shudder PulseAudio), you must exit and restart MuseScore before the dropdowns become usable. (Changes to language or audio I/O settings require this, IIRC the dialogue even says so.)

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