Hiding staves with hidden notes

• Mar 13, 2019 - 10:26

Can I hide a stave that contains hidden notes as if it was empty?
I have several places where I want notes to sound (for backing track purposes), but I dont want them to be visible. Is there a workaround so as to avoid have to make a new (hidden) part?


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FWIW, I do this all the time, using separate staves (instruments) for the visible and invisible. So, for instance, I'll have the drum part I use for notation (set to mute un the Mixer, or with notes set to not play in the Inspector), and the drum part I use for playback (set to invisible once I've entered the notes).

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Thanks, Marc. I want to do this with the bass clef of piano lead sheet. I want a sample of the suggested bass chords to play, but not be visible.

I can add a second piano instrument and do this trick that way. It would be nice if there were a less cumbersome way to hide a staff even if it has notes that play.

Kind regards for all your work over many years!

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