Stop changing time signature deleting all subsequent breaks and barlines

• Mar 13, 2019 - 16:04

See attached gif for example


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That is by design. With a change timesig the measures are recreated in the new duration and the system breaks get lost . They also most likely don't make sens at their former positions, as there are now less or more of them in the same space

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So, if you change time signature from 4/4 to 3/4, Sibelius puts line breaks in the middle of the measure, to keep exactly the same number of notes in each line? I rather doubt that. Instead, it changes things, deciding based on who knows what were to put line breaks, because the original places are no longer places. No doubt, whatever heuristic it uses to guess where you want the new line breaks work OK some times, but also no doubt, there will be places you might want it different, and then you'll still need to redo the work. We could certainly consider trying to make guesses as well, but I have my doubts about how satisfactory it would be in practice.

Anyhow, normally, you wouldn't add line breaks until you're done with fundamental changes to your music like this.

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