migrate old soundfonts, settings, etc from musescore 2.0?

• Mar 13, 2019 - 21:58

I just upgraded the musescore to 3.0 and it installed into its own folder instead of upgrading the older version. and it appears all the history, sound fonts, and settings have reset to the default.

is there a way to migrate all the old stuff into the new install?


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It's right nextto your Scores folder, indeed, normally in MuseScore2, under your home or documents folder. Or just see Edit / Preferences to find the exact location. Be careful notto getco fused and use the private read-only folder in MuseScore's own installation folder.

And we recommend keeping 2.3.2 if you have many existing scores, in case they come out different enough in 3.0 that you want to keep using 2.3.2 for those.

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