Master Palette -> Symbols : What is the purpose of the check box 'System flag'

• Mar 15, 2019 - 09:19

In the Master palette -> Symbols It is a check box named 'System flag'
I do not see any effect of checking or unchecking the box.

Tried in 3.0.5 but also in 2.3.2
Also not find info in the Hanbook v3 and v2

What is the purpose of this check box ?

Thanks in advance


Makes a difference when extracting parts, elements with system glag are (or should be) extracted to all parts, those without on to those parts they are attached to

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Thanks for your clear answer Jojo.

So if I understand well, When selecting a symbol, I check the box System flag, when inserting the symbol in the score the System flag will be set for that symbol and could be extracted to all parts. That's correct ?

Would be nice to have this in the handbook, I will try to add, but my poor English...

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