Can't change time signature

• Mar 15, 2019 - 13:09

So, I have this huge sheet, and I'm desperately trying to change the time signature in measure 182.
I wanted to put 15/4 : it crashed when I dragged the time signature on the sheet, but I was in note edit mode.
I thought about it and decided that finally, I would go for 27/8 instead.
I drag it to the sheet, it works, but it crashes when I save.
I think that maybe this is too fancy and try with 9/8 : same problem.
I try again with 4/4 : same…
Maybe the fact that my sheet is huge is part of the problem but well, that's how I write.

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Oh yeah and I forgot some elements : until 3 days ago, I was working with Muse score 2, all was right except the guitar part where the tabs wouldn't adjust to the custom strings and since then I've installed the new version :, revision 58dd23d
And as I've done a lot of changes these days, I can't go back to musescore 2, it won't let me open it… Is there a way I can export it into a format musescore 2 will understand so I can continue working ?

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I just tried it : it works, but I lose all informations about the tessitures of the instruments, I can't use pizzicato anymore with the strings, and some notes are shifted an octave higher. Plus, a lot of formatting is really messed up, with nuances appearing in the widdle of the staves or things like that…
I guess it'll be okay to work until this problem is solved but it's still not really a solution.
And also, I think I lose the triple or quadruple dots that appeared in version 3 and were not here in version 2 if I remember well

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I don't know if I should waste my time putting it back together on musescore 2 or wait for this bug to be solved and continue on version 3… Musescore 3 also solved a lot of problems so going back to v2 and having to reformat everything is really painful. Do you know when the next build is scheduled ?

Okay, I managed to make it work ! Turns out, I had created a part for each instrument and I think it may be this fact that made Musescore work too much.

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