tie does not work on a note that already has dynamics - bug?

• Mar 16, 2019 - 23:26

steps to reproduce:

select any note, add a dynamic (such as f or p), try to add a tie (by hitting + on the keyboard or by clicking the tie symbol) - nothing happens

Even after deleting the dynamic it is not possible to add a tie.

Only after completely deleting the note and adding a new note (same or different one) you can add a tie.

OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.0.4., revision: cda4080


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Dynamics do not prevent ties per se - you are right.
But, when editing a score the following steps will show you what I mean:
I am trying to follow the manual: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/ties#tie-single-notes
-Open the attached file Test.mscz
- Click on the note A; this will mark the note in blue
- press the + sign on keyboard: nothing happens, even though we are in normal mode (and not in note input mode) - you have to switch to note input mode first, the pressing + on the keyboard indeed will add a tie.
This actually is independent of the added dynamics.

However, what is not intuitive is the following:
- add any note: bottom right says: steptime note input mode - the note is highlighted blue
- in the Dynamcis Palette to the left, add a dynamic to the note by doubleclicking on the dynamic (eg a p): bottom right still says: steptime note input mode, the p is highlighted now (and not the note anymore)
- press plus sign on keyboard: nothing happens
- what needs to be done to be able to add a tie is this:
1. press escape to get out of steptime note input mode (otherwise note cannot be highlighted)
2.) click on the note to highlight it in blue,
3.) press n to re-enter steptime note input mode
4.) press + to add tie

why do I need to leave and reenter note input mode before finally being able to add a tie?

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Pressing the tie button while not in note input mode does not create new notes, it only adds ties to existing notes. That is why simply selecting the note then pressing "+" doesn't work here - there is nothing to tie to. If you want to add a time and simultaneously add a note to tie it to, you need to be in note input mode, as you correectly observe. This is by design.

Now, it is true that if you are in note input mode and then make the decision to stop entering notes but instead take a detour and enter a dynamic, you will need to get back on the road, so to speak, before you can continue entering notes. That's because entering anything from the palette leaves that element selected, which is normally a good thing because it allows easy manual adjustment. We could certainly consider changing this while in note input mode.

Meanwhile, it should be possible to use Alt+Left/Right to move the cursor back to the note, but this doess't seem to work in note input mode. This to me is a bug - while I can see why Alt+Left/Right shouldn't be able to navigate off a note while in note input mode, they should work to navigate back on. Feel free to report it officially using Support / Issue tracker, above.

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