Add or Delete Components to or from a Custom Workspace

• Mar 17, 2019 - 15:48

Where, in the Online Handbook, are the instructions that tell how to add or delete components to a custom workspace?


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Thank you for your response. I clicked on the link that you provided and carefully read the instructions given under Custom Palettes. After playing around with dragging things from the Master Palette to "My Palette" I found that one must either drag the object some distance away from its starting point before the "Forbidden" icon changes to a "+" icon, or open the custom palette by clicking on it before following the instructions that are given.

The Online Handbook under "Custom palettes" makes no mention of that.

Please do not take the next paragraph personally - I'm not trying to be a jerk but...:

I have been working with PCs since 1982 and have been writing service manuals, repair manuals, and training manuals in various industries since 1984. However, I have been working with MuseScore only for a couple of weeks. IMHO, sometimes I find that the instructions given in the Online Handbook are missing tiny details such as the one I described earlier in this post. When that occurs it usually results in the reader spending a lot of time trying to figure out where a particular problem lies and, in many cases, to post a question that could have been answered in the Handbook.

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MuseScore is open source, and that also extend to the Handbook. Meaning, it is everyone's priviledge and responsibility to help improve it. If you see a page that is not as clear as you think it could be, please feel free to edit it! Indeed, it is expected that you would have opened the palette before attempting to drag into it, so if this isn't clear, adding a sentence to that effect sounds like a good idea.

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