Piano part won't play. satb + piano

• Mar 17, 2019 - 19:58

This is weird ... I have a 23 page (SATB + piano) score of a piece which I have used many times in the past. I've opened it today and during the first two pages there was an unusual intermittent crackling coming through the speakers so I started it again and now the piano part doesn't play at all. All the other voices play correctly. I've checked the Mixer - nothing is muted: checked the power supply and connections on the speakers: and on the Edit/Instruments dialogue box everything is in order. Anyone any ideas?


Sorry folks - after scratching my head for an hour in desperation I finally posted my problem. Now in a rush of something to the brain I've fixed it by going to the Inspector (F8) selecting 'Notes' and changed 'Velocity Type' to User, and Velocity to 127. Now it's playing. Hey ho!

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