Single Note Crescendo/diminuendo

• Mar 19, 2019 - 04:05

I have been able to get the impression of a single note crescendo or diminuendo by having at least 1 line have multiple notes during the crescendo or diminuendo. But what if I really want a single note crescendo or diminuendo? It obviously would have to be programmed in such a way that if the instrument is one that can do a single note crescendo or diminuendo(so bowed strings, brass, or woodwinds) and there is a single note in that line, then that note will get louder or softer, else, if the instrument is not one that can do a single note crescendo(such as piano or guitar), the crescendo would be ignored and it would sound like a sudden dynamic change. I know this is being worked on. I'm just wondering, when am I going to be able to get a single note to crescendo or diminuendo in the playback?


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Well, normally it works by default, so it’s more a question of what setting you might have already changed that broke it :-). It only works with the default soundfont and a few others, so if you changed to something else, first step is change back in View / Synthesizer. If you also fiddled with the settings in the Dynamics Tab, set those back to the defaults too.

And of course, you have be on a sufficiently recently version of MuseScore - anything within the last year will do, but 3.4.2 is current.

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I'm having issues getting sensible dynamics programmed in. I have a whole note that I want to have 2 beats quieter then 2 beats louder, so I replace the whole note with half notes, program this in then attempt to put it back to a whole note and the lines break. Would be nice for there to be a way to get the half measure selection to work over a whole note. Thanks!

Edit: Having to tie two half notes together to make the size automation standard on the chart.

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You wrote:
I have a whole note that I want to have 2 beats quieter then 2 beats louder...

So let's say the whole note is divided 2 beats at p and and 2 beats at mp.
Is this what you want? Consider the playback:
(Use the view menu to show the invisible rests.)

Using a hairpin:
Whole_note_dynamics a.mscz
This compares no hairpin to hairpin.
In either case, the whole note is divided into 2 different dynamics .

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