Do others get features when I go Pro?

• Mar 19, 2019 - 08:48

I was wondering..if I go Pro, will my students be able to use Pro-features in the scores I post? Or is it just me? Thanks


To be clear, though: there are no Pro-only features in MuseScore itself - the score editing program you use to create scores. A Pro account on the score-sharing website in no way affects your use of MuseScore itself, which is always 100% free, and your students do not need Pro accounts to use MuseScore on their own computers either. Pro accounts are only about the score sharing website and mobile apps.

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Yes, thank you, I was clear about that. I was just wondering if, when going pro on score-sharing site, my students will be able to use Pro-features, like mixer and so forth, without having to go pro themselves. I think that would be a wise move if pro-features were determined by the owner of the scores, and scores from pro-users were pro-themselves, without the "recipients" or "student-users" had to become pro — because I know how stingy my students are, no chance they are going pro ;) But if they used the scores I posted, and experienced the added benefits of pro-stuff, maybe they would go also pro when finishing college and being able to afford.

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You going Pro means your students can see more than 5 of your scores and that they can download PDF with Parts already extracted. That's about it.
If they want the fuzll feature set, they can download and install MuseScore, it is free, and load your scores into it. No need for them at all to go Pro here

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