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• Jul 31, 2014 - 12:43

I have a SATB+Zufolo sheet and in the first part i have two different times ( calmo = 50 and movendo = 56), then in the middle of it i have to change again (to Scorrevole = 62) and it work but the text of this change does not appear in the screen.
If i export to XML and import it to Finale Notepad it appear.
If i add this change (to 62) using Finale 2010, exporting it to XML and inporting it to Musescore 1.3 it doesn't appear.
It is at 39 "Scorrevole" (i have added the text "scorrevole" with Ctrl+Shift+T).

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Not sure what the issue is, but FWIW, the tempo marking does appear when the score is loading into an experimental development build (eg, a Nightly build) of what will eventually become 2.0. So whatever the bug is here, it appears to be fixed already.

One thing I can see looking at it there - there are actually *three* markings at measure 39. There is a plain text marking "Scorrevole", there is *tempo* marking "Scorrevole" set to 66BPM, and there is also another tempo marking "Scorrevole q=62" (where "Q" is a quarter note symbol). maybe somehow these markings are interefering with each other.

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