Why is the tempo setting not stored in MuseScore file in MuseScore 3?

• Mar 20, 2019 - 19:44

Although the tempo setting in the Play Panel (F10) is file dependant (it can be set seperately for each file when loaded) it is not stored in the MuseScore file when saved.

In contrast, the settings of the mixer panel are saved in the MuseScore file.

This seems a bit illogical to me. I would expect the tempo also to be saved with the MuseScore file.


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Thanks for your comment and mentioning the link!

For me it still does not make sense. The mixer panel settings are apparently stored in the file and these are for listening/learning as well.
When the Play panel is visible and when switching between tabs/files, it is clear that the Play panel tempo setting is internally stored separately for each file. But this is apparentely only for the duration of the MuseScore session.

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The Mixer setting are for listening permanently - like if you want to make the trombones a little quieter overall, now and forever. The paly panel is not like that. It's one and only purpose with respect to tempo is to make temporary adjustments, like for practice purposes. The way you make permanent changes to the tempo is using tempo text. And this makes sense, the musicians reading your score won't see the play panel, they need the tempo marking to know how fast to play.

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