Ttwo or more text frames, side by side, after the last measure

• Mar 20, 2019 - 21:45

I could not find a way to use two or more text frames, side by side, after the last measure, in the same page.
Can someone help me, please?


It's not totally clear what you mean - text frames are designed to go the whole width of the page, and to go between systems. I think you do indeed really mean horizontal frames. So use Add / Frames / Append Horiuzontal Frame, twice. Then size them as you see it. Then you can right-click each in turn to add text. Or, depending on your actual goal, you might be better off with a single horizontal frame but adding two separate text elements to it. An explanation of the actual goal - perhaps with a picture of what you want to achieve - would enable us to understand and assist better.

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Oh, I get it, then note "side by side" in the sense of being on the same line as the last measure, but below the last system.

In which case, you want to append a single vertical frame, and then insert the two text elements into it. You can also insert multiple horizontal frames within the vertical frame but that's probably overkill.

I found an other way to do it:
to choose a note in the last line of the score and click on it;
Add Text by Control + "T" and turn out the automatic localization in the element inspector (I'm not sure if that is so in english, because my version is in portuguese);
Then, paste the previously copied text in the added text.
Finally, drag it to the desired position.
For a second text do the same a second time.
Just as I used to do in the version 2.1 of Musescore, in which, I believe, the automatic localization was out by default.
Thank you very much for your atention.

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You can do that and it might look ok on your system today, but that approach is kind of guaranteed to not work as soon as the layout of your score changes for any reason. Like, you decide on a different staff size, or a different font, or your score gets transposed (perhaps by someone else downloading it) or display on an iPad, etc. Never rely on manual adjustment when MuseScore can place so.wthig automatically - the automatic placement will continue to work in all those situations.

You're right.
Now finnally I succeeded to insert the two text elements into a single vertical frame.
Once again thank you for your help.

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