Note input

• Mar 21, 2019 - 15:06

Is it possible to prevent the score from jumping wildly when inputting or correcting notes?


deselect the pan automatically button, but then you always have to move the canvas to prevent the notes cursor from moving off screen.

For the record, it shouldn't be jumping wildly, should simply be following the cursor. But sometimes there is a jump to get the cursor back toward the left of the screen - a bug jump now so you don't continue to have small jujps on each note after - and if you input a note at the end of a system or end of page, then the cursor moves to the next system/page and the view follows. That's kind of unavoidable in page view, other than tunring off the pan button as mention. But working in Continuous view for scores that have multiple systems per page and thus have system breaks that keep forcing a return to the left is a good idea. Or, just make the page size such that the page width fits at once (helps to close the Inspector during note entry).

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