Importing PDF from choral or orchestral score

• Mar 22, 2019 - 03:25

Let's say I have a choral or orchestral score with piano accompaniment in pdf format. Let's say I want to import the piano accompaniment, to be converted to MuseScore format, but not the rest of the score. How do I prepare the score for best results?

Will I have better luck with just the piano accompaniment than with the entire score? I'm guessing I would, but maybe not... If the entire score is just as likely to import successfully, then I can just edit the entire score after the import.

I found but there's not much information there.

Thanks in advance.


Realistically, I wouldn't get your hopes up on PDF import in the first place, it's seldom going to go better than just entering the music by hand. But sure, if you have just the piano accompaniment already, your chance of success is probably better than with the full score, all else equal, simply because there are fewer notes, fewer things to go wrong.

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Computer sleeping shouldn't be a problem. I'd leave the tab on the page, as I don't remember if you get email notification or how easy it is to return to that page (I almost never use this).

You could try doctoring the score to show piano only, but that in itself might introduce difficulty, the faint lines of the paper / tape showing.

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