Musescore 2 and Musescore 3 can't read the converted file

• Mar 22, 2019 - 11:57

This morning, I converted a pdf file in muse file easily. But I can not open the file neither with Musescore2 (error, install musescore 3) nor with Musescore 3 which crashes (does not stop working and I have to force him to leave).
So I tried to open old musescore files, it seems to work.
I tried to request the conversion of an old file that worked and there, it is planted in queue with refresh every 3 seconds.
And last thing, I can not send mail to Musescore support ( because they are considered spam


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The problem is not in MuseScore but in the software that attempts to convert the PDF to MusicXML (it's called Audiveris). Sometimes it creates corrupt scores and you will need to fix them by hand. This has nothing to do with the version of MuseScore used - if the score is corrupt, both MuseScore 2 & 3 will both complain equally well.

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Thank you for responding. Attached is the file I am trying to get in to Music XML so that I can transpose it to the key of G. I don't really want the chords - I have my own, and I can easily put those into the music once I have it in MuseScore. Maybe I should just hire someone to transcribe the song in a musicxml file for me? Then I can add chords and transpsoe it to my heart's content. This task is not my area of expertise, and I find myself going down time-consuming rabbit holes! :) Thansk again.

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In order to help, we'd really want the MSCZ file. It will presumably crash for us too, but we might be able to repair it.

But FWIW, attempting to import from PDF is always pretty haphazard and usually results in errors that take longer to correct than simply entering the music from scratch. Again, the same for MuseScore 2 & 3. It's just the nature of PDF import, Optical Music Recognition technology is still very much in its infancy.

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