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• Mar 22, 2019 - 12:11

3.0.5 is great. Two points. 1. If you start working on a song, playback does not work. What I have to do is save everything, close Musescore down (clicking the X in top right), reopen, select previous session, then the scores will start playing. This was not the case with Version 2 ... The songs started to play the instant you selected the play icon.

  1. With older versions there was no automatic placement of items. Now any new score has this in place for all items. It is easy to change any one item, but if you have many say markers, comments, it becomes very tedious having to do this for each and every individual item. Is there any way to undo 'automatic placements' for the entire score, before you enter the items as was the case in older versions?



1) I've never seen a problem with a score not playing back. Can you attach the specific score you are having trouble with?

2) There is not currently a way to to turn it off for the entire score, although youcan set the "Autoplace min. distance" in Format / Style section for the particular element type. Meanwhile, though, it would help if you attached a score where you are having trouble here - the defualt placement should be excellent already and require almost manual positioning, that's kind of the point. If it were turned off you'd need to do a ton more work just to get it readable again. Unless perhaps you don't have your style settings set up well, so you are having to move things manually because the defaults aren't what you want?

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Thanks Marc,
1. The scores not playing back applies to ALL my 500+ scores. However I suspect this may be a Windows problem, but it only started after downloading 3.0.5. If you like, use the attached score of 'Footloose' to check for me.

  1. Again, this applies to all my scores. In the past if I wanted to put a comment above a particular stave, like say the drums, I would 'Ctrl M', type what I want. It then appears right at the top. I then simply drag it to where I want. Now with the new 3.0.5 if I try to drag it to above the guitar score, it just jumps back to the top. I have attached a score called 'Footloose Fmaj SING' . Above measure 5 are the words ' This comes from listening to the original' In the past I could simply move this text to sit above the guitar score, since that is where I want it as it refers to the guitar specifically. Now if I try to do so , it just jumps back to the top (above the trumpet score).


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Ctrl+M isn't for generic comments, it is for rehearsal marks, which by definition show up above the score and every part. So this would have been problematic in 2.x as well - the same comment would appear on new all parts. If you want something on one staff only, use staff text - Ctrl+T. If you like the frame or other formatting aspects of rehearsal marks, just set staff text to use the same settings, via the Inspector and the "set as style" buttons next to each setting.

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