How can I import a WAV file to score

• Mar 22, 2019 - 20:43

I am trying to replace a Musescore instrument on a score with WAV audio file created on a Roland FR-4X accordion.


You can't do that, but if you feel like doing research on how to create your own soundfont from recordings of individual notes, you can then use that Soundfont in MuseScore as per the Handbook.

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Thank you Marc for your reply. Frank Fusari of FusariMusic a Musescore Pro made a recording that is very interesting. If you listen to the beginning carefully you can hear that it is a recording. The audio is Frank playing his accordion. He has matched the recording to the score but he told me that he changed the timing of the score to match his audio recording. I am still trying to figure out how he was able to do this. He has done other Musescore scores using the same technique. Any idea how he did this? I have attached his Les Sirenes Valzer. Musescore Pro - Andy Johnsen

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